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....I love you, is that okay?...

The obvious is that summer is over. It was short, nothing to amazing but I still had tons of fun. I prolly gained an entire person over the summer since my lazy ass was always at home in bed watching the Nanny. Some friendships dwindled and others strengthened. I love my Emily so much! We're so alike it's crazy! I'll never forget the times I had with her this summer. I'm so glad I met her last year because she's like my soul mate! I can't forget my Mellie, but all of you know that she is always going to be my best friend. I didn't see much of anyone this summer but I saw who mattered. School was alright. I'm not going to lie and say it was so awesome and what not because it really wasn't. This morning Mellie picked me up then we went to get Emily, the car ride was fun. I was singing like a crazy person since there was so much traffic. When we got there and I went over to the 5th wing I half expected to see my guys there waiting for me like usual but instead there were a bunch of freshman ghetto kids. So depressing. Why did they have to go and graduate on me!? I'm not as secure as I once felt before as corny as it really sounds. Another thing is that I didn't see a single attractive guy! What the hell is that?! School should not be like that! I have first lunch shift with Mellie, Samantha, Blaze and Amy. I'm going to miss my Emily and Lorena! I need to make some schedule changes because a majority of my classes have complete idiots in them. Well, heres to another school year! I'll make the best of it without my guys but I know i'll miss them. Carroll isn't going to be the same without them!
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