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I hate ghetto bitches.

Short update. I don't have much time do to much of anything these days.

It's only the second week of school and i'm so stressed out. I have tons of homework, idk how the hell teachers think we can do it all. But of course, i'm procrastinating as always. I have a bunch of clubs i've gotten myself into, and the meetings aren't exactly tons of fun. I also have to find myself a damn job. If anyone knows of a place that is hiring, let me know. I haven't been shopping in almost a month and that is really irritating me. I can't think of anything besides sleep. I miss my guys a little too much. I've been trying not to think about it, and it was working until a certain someone decides to pop up at Carroll. When you graduate.. you don't go back to the damn school. Especially when some people hate you or worse yet.. love you. There is already drama and we're barely beginning school. It's amazing how some people can be so childish yet still be considered to be Juniors in Highschool. I'll try to keep myself out of it all, but i'm always dragged into it. But thank god I have my lovely Emily! She's been such a great support.. whenever I feel i'm about to break down she makes me smile and remember how great everything really is! I missed Razzy, but he's back to loving me again. That makes me happy. Now I have to try and look my best every damn day of school in case a certain idiot decides to pop up again. Great.

I used alot of I's in that entry...
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