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Remember.. Drive slow!

Daaanng, this weekend was really fun!

Thank god the hurricane didn't show up! Even so, Austin was great. My little cousins are so adorable and hilarious. My one year old baby cousin took off her shirt and started swinging it around her head yelling 'weee!' haha.. I taught her all she knows! Then we went shopping in San Marcus! Of course I hit up all those damn stores and did some damage! That's never gonna change! When we got home I unpacked everything I had taken which was 90% of my room. Later on that night Miss Emily came by to visit! We thought up our evil plan for the night and decided to go to Daniel and Estevan's house. It was akward at first.. since the infamous cocksucker was there but the night turned out alright. Afterall.. there was some serious eyecandy for the night! I missed those boys! Haha, I didn't mean to but someway or another I was totally gone when I went home that night. I'm so glad Emily went with me! I wouldn't have gotten through the night without her! And of course.. as always.. one night with him brought back old memories.. but i'll get over it. Anyways, Sunday night I went out with Mellie and we went to Barnes and Nobles then went to the boys' house. Mike nearly gave me a heart attack with the picture he showed me on his phone! Haha, I love Mellie and the guys. I hadn't seen Eduardo since he left for Venezuela.. and I missed my hoe Andres. Well, now I'm off to finish my english paper. I haven't done any type of school work this weekend.

I love you!!
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