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I live for little moments like that.

Hi people! I haven't updated this thing in a really long time. There has been alot going on, but I think everything is finally calming down. Thank god, I hate stupid drama. School has been so annoying, there is way too much work for me to do but i'm too lazy to do any of it. I'll just start working alot harder when we get back from Thanksgiving break. I love how LiveJournal isn't blocked at school anymore! I'm staying in Corpus for the break but my aunt, uncle and little cousins are coming to visit. I haven't been doing much of anything lately.. mostly spending time with Rob, his friends, Rosana and Vanessa. I've been having way too much fun lately. I forgot how great things can be when you have someone that cares about you but, I have to go now! I'll make a bigger post later when I have some time.

Smile! :)
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