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Back from Houston.

I'm back in town from Houston. Eh, I can't say i'm too excited about that. You'd think.. after a week of not seeing eachother some people would be more than eager to spend time together but I guess I was wrong. It's strange how things work out sometimes. Oh well, I went shopping at the Galleria of course! I spent lots of money and got lots of cool stuff. A prada purse, a Coach purse, a set of Chanel jewelry and Hollister clothes. High maintenance or what!? Man, I need a job. I spend money I don't have! I got some Versace sunglasses for Xmas!! I love my momie to death for that! Well, besides that I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I'm staying here for the rest of the break so call if you want to hang out.

♥ Aida.
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