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All I want is an apology for what you did and how you treated me.

I'm in fucking shock that this shit is happening. This is truly the most fucked up thing i've ever heard of. I can't believe that they went behind my back for the past two months. She fucking knew I still saw him. She knew he still fucking called me. She knew he'd fucking tell me how much he missed me. She knew I still fucked around with him. And him, to straight up lie to me. To tell me he hadn't talked to her or seen her in forever and to tell me how he thought she was fucking nasty. To fucking go on about how much he missed me, how we could work this shit out. This is just plainly fucking demented. She's like my fucking sister. We live in the same house. Her dad is my fucking grandfather. She's my own flesh and blood. I can't imagine what the fuck was going through their minds while they were fucking eachother. That bitch saw me and him together for the past year. She saw us kiss and hug and laugh and be a perfect fucking couple. She's just like her fucking mother. She couldn't keep her fucking legs closed and her jealousy got the best of her. She wants everything i've ever had and now she fucking has it. She went to a fucking extreme. She's a fucking home wrecker just like her fucking mother. All she could fucking say to justify what she did was "I fucking like him ok?!" I swear to god i'm going to end up killing this bitch if I ever see her again. She fucking liked him? Well, I fucking loved him. That was my boyfriend for over 8 fucking months. I went through heaven and hell with that bitch. This is like something you see on fucking Jerry Springer. My life has turned into a fucking episode of Jerry Springer. Holy shit. I don't want anybody's sympathy either. Yea, it fucking sucks. But it's all said and done. They're completely fucked up.

And if any of you ever talk to her again. I will fuck you up just like I fucked that fucking whore up too.
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