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My new layout sucks!!

Hi Everyone!

Houston was lots of fun! The only thing that sucked was that I couldn't go to Warped tour due to some unfortunate events. I'm still pretty pissed that Raziel didn't call me during Matchbook Romance. I had so much barbeque it was insane! I bought tons of cute little jewelry sets! I think I should live in Houston, it's my kind of city. I got a bit more tan because I was always swimming at my uncles house. I even got to go to an Astros game against the Rangers, which was hella fun! Baseball is probably the only sport I truly enjoy watching.

Last night Emily and Emily came over! We tried watching The Notebook but that got too depressing so we watched The Sweetest Thing instead. I hadn't seen my Em in forever! I missed my whore! Mellie came back from Cancun and I went swimming at her house a couple days ago. It's so weird that we didn't have Eduardo and Andres to hang out with also. I got to talk to Samantha a couple days ago also, talked about not getting any ass, like old times. You gotta love that!

I got a job! I have no idea when I start but I'm a hostess at the hotel restaurant! Yay! I kinda miss school. My mind was actually working then.Well, this is a short entry cause well idk I'm a boring person I guess.

comment bitches!
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